The Three Benefits of Connective Parenting

Three little-known secrets to transform your house from chaos to calm.


In this Training, you'll learn:


Why the most important thing in parenting is your relationship.

You will find ways to nurture and protect the relationship you share with your children, enabling you to create a calm household. Although we often believe behavior is what we struggle with in parenting, relationships are where we make the biggest changes in our families. If we think about it deeply what do we cherish most? The relationship we share with our children or their behavior?


Why Control Has No Place in Parenting.

Control erodes all the hard work we do to build relationships and connections between us and our children. Control often leaves you and your child feeling angry, builds resentment, and causes a chasm between you, which over time deepens and pulls you farther apart. When we think of it deeply...who wants to be in a relationship where you feel controlled and manipulated.


Learn to be the Coach Instead of the Judge and Jury.

Parenting isn’t easy! We have heard it time and again. What we don’t hear is that using conventional methods often drives the behaviors we so desperately are trying to get away from...not listening, aggression, sibling fights, and the like, and yet we dive deeper into those ways. Parenting only feels good when it is worth it. When we live in a reciprocal loving relationship with our children. This can ONLY be created using CONNECTION. Join me and learn how to parent with connection instead of using control and conventional methods.

What is your parenting goal? What do you want it to look like 5 or 10 years from now? How will you get there and are you on your way? Let me help you find your footing and enter into a new way to “be” with your kids.

This hour-long training will help you shift your thinking, because once we reshape the way in which we understand parenting we can begin to implement strategies supporting our goals.

"Michelle, I absolutely love your content and courses! They have helped me break generational cycles and navigate being a parent in a whole new way. Your work has helped me more than you will ever know. Thank you." 

Eileen, Mother of 2

Do you struggle to make parenting feel good?

  • Do you wake up each morning trying to be the best parent you can, hoping to enjoy this whole parenting gig only to go to bed exhausted and drained...not knowing exactly how to do things differently?
  • Is everything a struggle and parenting feel like a drag?
  • Do you come up against the same trying situations, and have you tried “everything” and nothing works? 

Well, let me help you make sense of parenting, put things into perspective, and find a new mindset and a shift so you can also begin to do things differently, find more effective ways to interact with your children so that life is easier.


A Note From Your Instructor...

Three Little Known Secrets to Transform Your Home From Chaos to Calm

In 2012 I hit a wall, a parenting wall. I could feel the wedge being driven in between my oldest daughter and I. I could feel her hardening to me and  me to her, because her behavior was off the rails. She was aggressive with her sister, unkind to me, and refused to cooperate. I dug deeply into threats, bribes, punishments and rewards because as a former teacher, that’s what I knew to work and understood to be effective. However, it was unproductive with Esme, she was not going to fall for my manipulations, perhaps she knew they didn’t feel right to me and certainly not to her. 

I found Hand in Hand Parenting and decided to dive headfirst into a new way to come to my children... first as a parent and then as an aspiring instructor. By 2015 I was certified and was benefiting from a family that had been completely transformed using connection. It was like magic, I was addicted to how it felt and the ways in which things changed. So much so that I have made it my life’s goal to help as many people as I possibly can by guiding them through this transformation too. You know what? This stuff works! Everytime a client takes a course or works with me, they are amazed at the results of just how transformative this approach can be. 

Join me inside my training and find out how you can begin being the magician in your home and casting a spell of love and connection while also doing away with those things that make parenting more difficult. Don’t wait, things won’t change unless you do, and this can be your first and most important step to the most loving relationship in your life!


The Three Benefits of Connective Parenting

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