One-on-One Private Parenting Programs

with Michelle Kenney, M.Ed

certified parenting instructor


Are you struggling to find more calm and less upset in your home? Is bedtime a struggle, brushing teeth and getting ready to go anywhere a fight? Are you sick of the pushback and the big overwhelming feelings? Do find yourself yelling where you don't want to and resorting to threats because you don't know exactly what else to do? I have been there and I have helped so many well meaning parents find a better way to come to their children, using connection. 

Want to change your family dynamic through connective parenting? Work with me ONE on ONE and together we’ll hone in on the sources of discontent and chaos and find solutions that are specific to your family’s needs. It doesn’t matter if you are married or single, if you parent alone or you want to do this with your parenting partner.

This in-depth 6/8/10 week program  will transform the way you interact with your kids and how they respond to you. I have had countless couples and individuals say this has changed their life, and I want to provide the same results for you.

Each week we dive into what is sticky in your household, and I will personally help you find new ways to parent through those struggles using connection. 

I have walked this journey myself, and many of the challenges that you currently face, I have experienced with my own kids. There isn’t an issue I haven’t seen in my own life or with my hundreds of clients.

My simple principles are easy to use, and with my coaching and help, you will make them your new go-to arsenal of parenting strategies.

During each of these programs we learn the tools of connection. In the 6 week course each week we learn a new tool and by the end we have an arsenal of ways to move through sticky moments using connection. In the 8 and 10 week courses I also give you my personal cell phone number for added support and guidance. Additionally in the 8 and 10 week courses we set aside time for an emotional project like bedtime, eating, sibling fighting or any other particular issue you might have. The 10 week course in addition to the extra text support you will be given access to the Understand Big Emotions Course and the Private UBE Facebook Group where there are very few students and you have access to me for questions. These programs are $1227/$1527 and $1727 respectively.

We meet via Zoom conference from the comfort of your home and these meeting are completely private. My course consists of either 6, 8 or ten  weeks for an hour to an hour and a half each week depending on your needs. 


I am quite flexible in my schedule, because I too am working from homel and see clients from 8am to 9pm most days. 

Each week can be a different time or day, and our scheduling can be on-going. In addition, you will be given support materials to better understand the nuances of the Peace and Parenting method and the brain science behind connection and the psychology associated with parenting in this way.

If you struggle to be on the same page as your parenting partner, this class is also for you. It will allow you to find commonality in your practice and give your kids a united and kind front they can come to expect and depend on.

We have one chance in this life—to raise our kids with love and kindness—sometimes that doesn’t come naturally. Believe me, I know first hand how difficult it is to really understand and emulate this type of connected parenting. It has taken me years of practice and studying, but you don’ t have to wait and struggle like I did. Let me help you help yourself become a more peaceful parent.

There’s no dress rehearsal. You have come to the final performance, and now it’s time to have your lines memorized.

Sign up for my one-on-one parenting program today and change your parenting reality.


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