So how does coaching work? 

So, how does coaching work? I provide a variety of consultation options to fit your needs based on location and convenience. (See Service Options Below.)

If you'd like to know more about my services and how parent coaching can support your current needs, please fill out this short questionnaire. I will be in touch within 24 hours.




Parenting can be a lonely and difficult business. Working along side other parents helps us feel less isolated. The group dynamic is a powerful one which allows us to learn from one another while feeling, supported by others in similar situations. Usually groups run for 6 weeks and meet once a week.


Workshops can be designed for a variety of audiences including but not limited to parents, teachers, child care providers, babysitters and the like. Topics can include: The listening tools, Crying , Tantrums, Indignation, Homework Struggles, Creating caring classrooms, and more.

One on One

Parents alone or with their partner meet and learn tools to help them connect with their children and remediate "off-track" behavior. Meetings can be as often as the members decide. They can meet once a week or at any interval they feel useful.


It's difficult to fully grasp the ideas of Hand in Hand Parenting using their website alone. We can speak on a variety of subjects including but not limited to, sibling rivalry, aggression, setting limits, learning how to use special time and school anxiety.


Because we lead busy lives the telephone and Skype make it easy to get the support we need as productive and on the go parents. Telephone consultation is a convenient way to make strides in resolving struggles with our kids.


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