How Do I Get My Kids to Listen to Me?

listening obedience Nov 07, 2019

This is the most common question I receive from parents, and it's extremely frustrating when I encounter this issue with my daughters. Defiance is the kind of thing that will bring you to your knees. It’s debilitating, embarrassing and mind-boggling all at the same time. 

I remember the first time Esme defied me. She was 2, and we were at the door getting ready to leave. I asked her to put on her shoes (nicely, I might add). She refused, threw her shoe down the hall hitting the wall and a hanging photo. I lost my mind, I couldn’t believe the daughter I had breastfed for two years, never let out of my sight, co-slept with and did everything you were “supposed” to do to be an attached parent…refused to do as I asked. I was married to the idea that if I responded to my daughter’s needs and spent all of my time with her, she would grow up happy and obedient. I was sadly and sorely mistaken. After asking her several times to put her shoes on, I...

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