Why I Wasn't Prepared to be a Parent

If you had met me 10 years ago and asked me about becoming a new mom I would have told you I had everything figured out. My baby registry was filled with all the newest thingamabobs and doohickies. I had read Dr. Sears, Sweet Dreams, The Happiest Baby on the Block, and a half dozen other baby books of the time. The birth plan I constructed after attending hours of Bradley Method Instruction was “iron-clad”.  But when I brought that sweet little baby home, I was at a complete loss. I remained that way on and off, even though the birth of a second child and into the throws of preschool until I decided I needed help—a new direction, one that would allow me to feel good about my parenting instead of manipulating, threatening and coercing.

To get my two young girls to do as I asked, I set up systems that didn’t allow them to fail for fear they would be penalized with either a “time-out”, taking away a precious toy and TV time, or...

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