Why Must Kids Hit?

(Reposted of HandinHandParenting.org 07/2015)

Hitting, it’s the worst! Especially to see your own children hit one another. My girls used to get physical the moment there was any sort of kerfuffle. The Old Me would threaten, “You hit your sister again and you won’t be able to go to the park later!” It worked in the very short term, but they always seemed to resort to hitting again.

So I took an online Parenting by Connection class called “Taming Sibling Rivalry.” It was life-changing. I learned to set a limit without bribing, shaming, or threatening. I would remind the girls they were not allowed to hit one another and explain to them how sorry I was I didn’t get there in time to help.  Then I listened to the upsets and hurts they had with one another. I tried not to take sides and just remained calm finally knowing that it was their struggle to get through and not mine.

When the girls came together to “explain” each side of...

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