Big Messy Feelings

feelngs Nov 07, 2019

I naturally gravitate toward peace and tranquility, so my first reaction when I hear something unsettling from my girls is to say STOP and squash any negative feelings and upsets. Quiet is where I live best in my organic state, so when there's a conflict with my girls, my natural instinct pushes me to shut them down completely to make sure they don’t have any big feelings. I don’t necessarily do well when people around me aren’t doing well. It’s almost as if my nervous system goes directly into flight. I urgently need to exit and find tranquility.

When you have kids there is no leaving or taking a break and coming back later, so since I am unable to run away, I just want everyone to be quiet. No feelings, no messiness. Just be calm, clean and quiet. However, children are emotionally disheveled and chaotic, immature and irrational. These little people are just learning how to “be” in this world. Figuring out what it feels like to be hurt and angry,...

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