What Can I Do When My Child is Upset?

emotions Nov 07, 2019

What can I do when my child is upset? 

Parenting can be a tough road to travel because as our children grow up and face new challenges, we face the same challenges right along with them. In the heat of the emotion of temper tantrums and meltdowns, it can be difficult to remember that as parents, we have the advantage of foresight and understanding that our children don’t yet possess. And, with this tool of knowledge, we are in a position to help calm their storms. 

When I first became a parent, I was way more reactive than responsive. Armed with only the tools from my own upbringing, all I knew was that strong emotions were a bad thing and should be squelched, so when my children became upset,  I would do ANYTHING to get their discomfort (and mine) to stop. It was almost as if I was feeling what they were feeling and could not bear to endure their disquiet. Even with small discomforts, I became anxious and felt like I had to fix whatever was broken so that they...

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