Speak Your Truth

I believe there is freedom in speaking our truth about our challenging parenting experiences—almost a liberation. Making these moments part of the narrative is essential for our generation to move forward in a better way. Why? Two reasons. First, we mustn’t let others believe they
are alone in their struggles. Every parent out there has days they feel defeated and alone. Secondly, if we fail to recognize our transgressions than they will eat us alive, making it easier
to repeat our patterns. I implore you to talk about the time you screamed at your child or the demeaning things you said out of anger and frustration because this is the honest truth in parenting. If we can bring these things to light and decide we want more, choose to do better and move away from conventionalities, then we can push forward a new movement. Admitting our wrongdoings and missteps or merely saying how difficult parenting is does not mean we love our kids any less.

Parenting is so confounding and tiresome, something I didn’t truly know until well into the throes of two kids. There are days I don’t want to be a mom, days I’d rather run away than to
deal with my kid's upsets and feelings. I admit those moments to good listeners and somehow that helps me let it go, move through it and come back to my loving self, the mom I want to be.
A peaceful, loving, kind, empathetic and nurturing human who chooses peace over punishment but one who is flawed.

So, speak your parenting truth, good, bad and ugly. I want to hear it. We want to hear it, and it matters. It matters to the other parents out there looking to feel normal, and it matters to you
because without voicing those stumbles and falls, there is no way to move forward and let them go, truly making way for betterment. 


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