5 Ways to Stop Screaming at Your Kids

1.      Take a deep breath.  Scientific studies show that taking deep breathes can lessen the production of stress hormones. So when you are feeling triggered by your “off track” child close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

2.   Instead of thinking of our child as the “enemy” view their unsavory behavior as a cry for help. They are signaling to us that they need us the most.

3.      Come with kindness. When we come with calm, loving kindness instead of harsh words of criticism, our children respond to us much better. Calm begets calm.           

4.      Model the behavior you desire. Our kids are watching our every move. Research tells us modeling makes up 80% of what children learn. So if you wonder why your kids are yelling constantly, it’s time to take a look in the mirror.

5.      Sometimes it’s best to listen. If there is a major physical threat happening then perhaps this won’t work, but more often then not we talk, lecture, scold, and scream where we would be better off listening. Listening is crucial. Kids who are listened to are more connected and compliant. This allows us to become our child’s ally. Paving the way into the teenage years when things get really messy.


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